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Making Music Matters depends on grants from generous donors and parent fundraising. We need your help to continue to provide lessons for the kids of the Greater Boston area. Each donation, great or small, is a step towards providing these crucial services. Here are some examples of what your gift will do:


  • $25 buys 25 clarinet reeds 

  • $50 provides one student with a flute, clarinet, trumpet or violin for the entire school year, including maintenance!

  • $100 gets 15 students their first music lesson, taught by one of our highly skilled professionals

  • $250 provides 5 students with a flute, clarinet, trumpet or violin to use and practice for the entire school year

  • $500 allows 10 students the chance to study flute, clarinet, trumpet or violin for the entire school year by paying for their instrument rental and routine maintenance.

Please give what you can. Your donation makes a difference!


Did you know that you can donate your used instrument to us? Your instrument will help a

student not just once, but each year, helping us sustain our mission.

Donate Instruments


Making Music Matters appreciates all of the families and businesses who support us,

including these local donors:


  • BPS Arts Expansion

  • Klarman Family Foundation

  • Liberty Mutual Foundation

  • Lincoln & Therese Filene Foundation

  • Linde Family Foundation

  • Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation


  • In Memory of Regina Carter

  • In Memory of Robert Black Coleman

  • In Memory of Joe Harkins

  • In Memory of Alicia Laurel Kurdziel

  • In Memory of Doris Oster

  • In Memory of Barbara Rappaport

  • In Memory of Robert Smarse

  • In Memory of Elin Sullivan

  • Center Cuts Corporation

  • Chestnut Hill Realty

  • Colleen Nicholas Music Studio

  • Gary's Liquors

  • The Longwood Chorus

  • Maiona and Ward Immigration Law

  • Roche Bros.

  • Synlogic, INC

  • Add your name here today!

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