Making Music Matters (MMM) is committed to ensuring equity of access to quality Arts Education, specifically instrumental music instruction, to students in the Boston Public Schools. MMM welcomes all students. The MMM enrollment is deliberately inclusive and reflects the diverse student populations and various educational settings in each school. Through student performances, Making Music Matters works to engage whole school communities, create multi-school collaborations, promote communication and cooperation among administrators/headmasters, inspire teaching and learning, involve and connect parents/guardians and homes, and to link schools across the District to their neighborhoods and to the larger community.


Most important, Making Music Matters brings the gift of music to our students. For many of our children, MMM’s in-school instrumental program is the only opportunity they will have to learn to play a musical instrument. Learning to play an instrument can alter a student’s entire school and educational experience. MMM is pledged to provide a vibrant arts experience in our schools and to encourage a life-long love of music in all of our students.



Making Music Matters is a collaborative school-based, grant-funded partnership among the Kilmer, Mozart, Ohrenberger, and Philbrick schools which provides:

  • Students receive group instrumental lessons in clarinet, flute, trumpet, and violin during the regular school day and also offer student performances throughout the year, both in school and in various community venues.

  • Parents/Guardians/Families the opportunity for active and authentic parent/family involvement through serving as Parent Liaisons in the schools, and participating in fundraising, program management, grant-writing, and advocacy activities.

  • Schools with a uniquely inclusive program that ensures equity of access to a quality arts experience to all students.

  • District with a working model for delivering instrumental music education that can and has been successfully replicated in additional schools.


Joan Chan, Co-Director

Britt Young, Co-Director

Laura Wigginton Bullock, Grant and Fund Administrator

Becky Abbott, Flute Instructor

Stephen Curtis,  Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet Instructor

James Foster,  Flute, Clarinet Instructor

Russ Gershon, Clarinet, Flute, Violin Instructor

Tom Halter,  Trumpet Instructor

Molly Shira,  Violin Instructor

Dan Rosenthal,  Trumpet Instructor



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All Videos

All Videos
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CLARINET:  Introduction - Part 2

CLARINET: Introduction - Part 2

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FLUTE: 4th Grade "Fight Song" - Part 2

FLUTE: 4th Grade "Fight Song" - Part 2

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CLARINET:  4th Grade - "Baby Shark"

CLARINET: 4th Grade - "Baby Shark"

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